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TROUBLESHOOTING four. Eliminate the starter as explained in Chapter Twelve. Mo- mentarily hook up a fully billed twelve-volt battery into the starter as demonstrated in Figure 7. If your starter is operational, it's going to turn when linked to the battery. Disconnect the bat- tery and Take note the following: a.

Following two Filter(s) Utilized Following Web site Subsequent It under no circumstances pays to miss a worn suspension. But it’s a simple dilemma to disregard, simply because you can limp alongside with no good shocks. It’s a bad concept to do so, even so. Moreover offering you a smoother journey, properly working shock absorbers also make it easier to corner and brake much better.

S. Standard Metric The components Employed in the manufacture from the bike can be subjected to uneven stresses Should the fasteners of the varied subassemblies are not put in and tightened cor- rectly.

Blow out the jets (Figure 32) with com- pressed air. Tend not to use a piece of wire or compact drill bit to scrub them, as minimal gouges inside of a jet can alter the stream charge and upset the air/gas combination.

 Octane scores are often identified on the pump. Stay clear of spills. Slowly get rid of filler cap. Do not fill higher than bottom of filler neck insert, leaving air Room for gas growth. Safe filler cap just after refueling. Gasoline is incredibly flammable and remarkably explosive, which could result in death or serious harm. (00028a) Use treatment when refueling. Pressurized air in gasoline tank can force gasoline to escape as a result of filler tube. Gasoline is amazingly flammable and very explosive, which could end result in Demise or really serious harm. (00029a) Modern services station pumps dispense a superior stream of gasoline into a motorcycle gas tank creating air entrapment and pressurization a possibility. Octane Scores SPECIFICATION Ranking Pump Octane (R+M)/2 ninety one (ninety five RON) Controls and Indicators Standard: Controls and Indicators Examine the CONTROLS AND INDICATORS part prior to Driving your motorcycle. Failure to understand the...

brake pedal similar time or promptly after, the ABS might be closing a valve to protect against stress to the rear brake. This is owing to ABS modulating caliper brake pressure to prevent uncontrolled wheel lock. Tire chirp Ordinary situation ­ dependent on surface area, tire can chirp with no locking the wheel. Black mark Usual ailment ­ relying on area, tire can depart a black mark devoid of locking the wheel. pavement Wheel lock Usual problem ­ ABS will not activate on entrance wheel down below three mph 5 km/h or on at small rear wheel below five mph 8 km/h . velocity Jiffy Stand Normally park motorbike on a amount, company surface area. An unbalanced motorbike can drop in excess of, which could result in Demise or severe injuries. (00039a) The jiffy stand is Situated on the left facet of the bike and swings outward to support the motorcycle for parking.

Your Driving moods change—so let them. With its detachable windshield and saddlebags, the Switchback motorbike may make the swap from cruising to touring or again in seconds. Easily choose them off for a powerful, head-turning street cruiser. Re-attach them for a comfortable, mild-dealing with tourer that definitely goes the space.

charging program can produce, the electrical use can discharge the battery and result in auto electrical process harm. See a Harley­Davidson dealer for suggestions about the quantity of latest consumed by added electrical accessories, or for essential wiring changes. (00211b) NOTES: get more info This unit requires no interval attention. If any electrical system problems is expert Which may be traceable to the alternator or voltage regulator, the motorbike should be taken to a Harley­Davidson dealer who has the necessary electrical tests machines to give the expected consideration. For model unique data concerning the voltage regulator, refer to the appropriate Provider Handbook or see a Harley­Davidson vendor. Battery: General Variety Your motorcycle employs a forever sealed, upkeep­absolutely free, direct/calcium and sulfuric acid battery.

They're tim- ing address rivets which do not need ends that could drop into your timing compartment and problems the ignition elements.

As for the new cartridge fork, it's got progressive-price springs and is created to give a dependable sense all through compression and extension.

Tables 1-four are located at the conclusion of this chapter. Wiring Several electrical complications could be traced to weakened wir- diagrams are located at the conclusion of this manual.

Insert a 0.080 in. feeler gauge among mainshaft third gear and the puppies on mainshaft second equipment (Figure fifty one). The maximum Restrict is right If your feeler gauge will not in good shape or if there is a slight drag in the event the feeler gauge is inserted Countershaft...

ENGINE TOP Conclude 2. Situation a brand new bushing And so the split part faces the top in the rocker arm. Press in The brand new bushing until its outer floor is flush Along with the rocker arm bore inside area (Determine twenty). 3. Ream the new rocker arm bushing utilizing the rocker arm bushing reamer as follows: a.

Prolonged Phrase Parking To sustain arming, keep the fob past the selection of the module. If the bike is to be moved when parked, have the fob existing. If the motorcycle will not be operated for a number of months, these types of as during the Winter season time, Stick to the Operator's Guide Guidance for storage. Refer to Motorbike Storage: VRSC Types. Provider Departments When the motorcycle is to be still left at a Harley­Davidson supplier, there are two solutions: 1. Depart an assigned fob with the dealer. 2. To sustain possession of the fob, inquire the dealer to disable the module for company (services mode) in advance of leaving the dealership.

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